Sting Operations

3e's experience is frequently called upon by the media to assist the setting up and executing of undercover operations, using specialist equipment and expert operational knowledge.

In one such case, we were commissioned to set up a sting operation to support a newspaper investigation in the public interest. The investigative reporters on the newspaper needed to establish a convincing second-hand goods shop in an attempt to catch thieves who habitually sold stolen goods to such outlets.

Our operatives, disguised as a shop assistant and shop owner, covertly filmed the comings and goings in the shop for several weeks, during which a number of thieves visited and sold on stolen goods. This kind of activity is commonplace in areas of deprivation with high unemployment and instances of drug use and addiction; thefts on this scale can fracture communities, increase insurance premiums and take up police time as well as causing heartbreak for victim.

The quality of our video evidence, which was time and date stamped, was exactly what the journalists needed. The thieves were captured on our hidden cameras and everything they said was picked up by our discreetly positioned microphones. The newspaper got its story and a number of prosecutions followed when the journalist shared his evidence with the police, who also endeavoured to return the stolen goods to their rightful owners.

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