Hidden Camera Bespoke Installations

Businesses that approach us for covert surveillance work have very specific job requirements regarding their environments and working practices, and this can be a challenge for a professional - one we welcome!

In one instance, while investigating large scale cash thefts at one firm, 3e operatives had to be creative when trying to introduce a hidden camera into an area which was extremely sterile and bare and afforded little opportunity to hide a camera.

The only place that would provide a suitable view was in furniture within the cash store. A camera was embedded into the centre of a knot in a piece of pine wooded furniture, which was positioned in an appropriate place in the building to allow the thief to be observed from within a manager's office. The ensuing video evidence caught a thief who stole in excess of £34,000 in two visits.

In another company, we installed a hidden camera to catch a sneak thief who was stealing cash from colleagues. The camera was installed on a Sunday evening to await the arrival of staff at 9am the following Monday. In what is probably a record time for evidence gathering, the thief struck and was detected by 9.35am. Our client dealt with the matter swiftly and told us that the thief had worked for them for a long time, was considered trustworthy and would have been a long way down any list of suspects.

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