Fly-tipping Investigation

Fly-tipping is the deliberate abandoning of unwanted items - fridges, tyres, household rubbish, business refuse - in an unauthorised place. Sometimes fly-tipping is done through ignorance or laziness, and occasionally by rogue businesses who want to avoid paying refuse costs.

It is anti-social, dangerous, polluting, illegal - and costly for local councils and private landowners to remedy, especially if persistent offenders are involved.

3e can help identify and prosecute fly-tippers using methodology and equipment we have pioneered. Surveillance we conducted over many months identified repeat offenders who dumped tons of waste at a time on industrial estates, in public areas, at road sides and in conservation areas.

In one case, we were approached and eventually appointed on a long term contract by local authority to investigate large scale fly-tipping in their area. We placed several hidden cameras in particularly difficult, 'hostile' locations, which went undetected for some time and enabled us to gather date/time stamped evidence for identification.

It was a boon to the local authority, police and local residents that the footage gathered by 3e's cameras caught not only the fly-tippers, but car thieves and arsonists. Our visual evidence was of good enough quality to be admissible as evidence for use in court prosecutions.

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