Competing Staff - Corporate Investigation

Staff who leave and take clients, customers and even co-workers with them put immense strain on businesses and can lead to lost profits and jobs. Companies can help protect their client base and their intellectual property by enforcing contractual terms of employment and prohibiting use of protected work - and this can be done by gathering evidence.

3e has received many instructions from corporate clients, based on the scenario of senior staff setting up businesses in direct competition on a regional basis prior, sometimes even before leaving the companies concerned. This conduct was inbreach of covenants in the terms of employment. Many cases also involved the theft of the client's intellectual property and the poaching of key staff and clients on a large scale basis.

3e is aware and fully compliant with current employment legislation regarding surveillance of current employees, and our knowledge of the law means we can make the most of the situation to get the evidence we need.

Forensic investigations conducted by 3e on separate occasions for different clients have provided evidence via email communications and other digitally stored information. In each case 3e's evidence allowed lawyers to raise actions against the individuals and entities concerned, to restrain and curtail their infringing activities - effectively, restrict them or close them down.

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