Benefit Cheats – Benefit Fraud
Manchester, Lincolnshire, London

I am certain you are reading every day the financial mess the Country has been allowed to get in to and the billions of false claims being made on benefits. However the question is do the Public Government agencies have the resources to tackle these claims and recover the money? We believe they do not because it is something to tell the general public how much is being falsely claimed and yet something completely different by telling us what they intend to do about it!

We hear from National Newspapers about cuts being made all over the Country within the public sector so how on earth are they supposed to set up Investigation departments on the scale required to recuperate all this money? Well there is one way and David Cameron suggested the only way not long in to term as Prime Minister “….the use of Private Sectors to assist in Private Investigations and Surveillance.

This would all make good commonsense considering the true private detective professionals amongst us who have had former Police or Military surveillance and Investigation training being much better equipped to deal with such enquiries. However if you try to speak to someone in any of the departments about tendering for such contracts you will be put around the houses of different departments whilst awaiting long periods of time listening to some very soothing music only to find yourself back with the person you first spoke to or to hear that long monotonous tone you get from someone cutting you off!

This is Public money being abused and in fact in some cases it would be fair to say ‘stolen’ and I for one have not been given any confidence it will be stopped. The only comforting news I heard a few weeks ago was that of the early test cases of people claiming disability benefits a large majority were not entitled to it. I have heard very little from that time about how they intend to sort this mess out.

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